Pedal Label Close UpThe Pedal Label System came about after viewing many Pedal Line Friday submissions at and viewing professional touring musician pedal boards. Some guitarists like to maintain their settings directly on the pedal to ensure that the settings remain the same from one performance to the next. This is especially critical with touring acts that have crews setting up gear. Consistency is required for the musician and by placing markers on the pedals to indicate various setting the crew can work to maintain those settings.

The problem is a combination of things. The first issue is to find a proper adhesive writing surface. For most, the go-to material is masking tape, gaffers tape and paint mask tape. The problem is that these various tapes can leave a heavy residue on the pedals themselves - especially when dealing with masking tape. Depending on the conditions masking tape can solidify over time making it extremely hard to remove.

The other issue is the markings themselves. Most will draw circles on the tape with lines indicating their knob setting, which is fine, but not the ideal look to have on the pedal. I've seen a few people use mailing labels where they print on the label, but these mailing labels are extremely hard to remove from the pedals and tend to tear.

I wanted to create a solution where labels can be applied to the pedal and would actually compliment the pedal, providing a "clean" view of settings. I wanted something that would adhere to the pedals themselves, but also have the ability to be removed easily. This is where the Pedal Label System comes in.

With the Pedal Label System you would simply mark the settings on the sheet, then peel the label and apply it to the pedal. If you do not get it straight, no problem, remove and reapply.

Musicians also tend to change their settings. What they thought was the sweet spot in the practice space might not be the desired setting on stage. With the Pedal Label System you can easily replace the old setting with a new label without having to get out the paint scraper to remove the old label from the pedal.

The Pedal Label System comes with multiple "styles" of pedal labels. A combination of labels could be used for complex pedals. MXR 3 knob label could be used for many of the boutique 3 knob single style enclosure pedals. Also, the Pedal Label System pack will come with individual knobs as well as toggle labels.

Each pack will come with 6 individual 9"x4" sheets. You will get a total of the following labels per pack:

3 Ibanez 4 knob labels
3 Ibanez 3 knob labels
3 MXR Wide 2 knob labels
3 MXR 1 knob labels
9 MXR 2 knob labels
12 MXR 3 knob labels
9 Boss 4 knob labels
9 Boss 3 knob labels
6 Toggle labels
54 single knob labels
Pedal Label System - Pedal Sheet One Pedal Label System - Pedal Sheet One

The Pedal Label System is a great way to record your settings and give you the flexibility to remove them in the future.

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Remember - Anything that 'sticks' can pull. Please do NOT add these to valuable pedals or pedals that might have loose ink/paint. Hand painted pedals, pedals with ink applied over powdercoat and have not been properly treated or baked may pull ink/paint. You can also make the labels less sticky by first sticking the labels on a shirt before applying to pedals. Please stick at your own risk.