Guitar Jar

"The Pedal Label System are labels designed to quickly and cleanly allow you to mark the stings of your pedal knobs. The best part is that they allow guitarists to easily remove the labels in the future, peeling off in one piece leaving little to no adhesive on the pedal." Read More»

Lone Phantom

"Overall the Pedal Labels are a great idea that will leave you thinking .Why didn.t I think of that.. For such a low price you can mark your pedals in a neat way, and you won.t have to worry about dealing with the mess that materials such as masking tape can leave behind." Read More »

Guitar Tone Overload

"We've all tried at some stage to keep records of our favorite pedal settings and ended up with either writing directly on the pedals using big markers or using regular labels that would stick on the pedals for ever. has the answer: perfectly calibrated labels with an adhesive that makes them easy to remove and put back on (it works, I have tried)." Read More »

EffectsBay Guest Review

"If you are a frequent tone tinkerer and knob twiddler, these labels can be really useful tools for recording your favorite or most used settings. I am definitely going to keep the labels on my pedals, they are to useful not to." Read More »


"Effects Bay is a cool site for all things pedal geekiness. I find myself going there often to see what's new. These are some labels they make to put on your pedals to mark your settings without having to write on your pedal...simple, genius." Watch Video »

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Pedal Labels

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