Guitar Jar

"The Pedal Label System are labels designed to quickly and cleanly allow you to mark the stings of your pedal knobs. The best part is that they allow guitarists to easily remove the labels in the future, peeling off in one piece leaving little to no adhesive on the pedal." Read More»


"I was impressed with the quality of the sticker labels. The paper is thick and won.t tear easily, and as I mentioned the tackiness is just right. also very inexpensive!" Read More »


"It.s so easily done, and it happened a good many times before I learned my lesson: don't forget to label your settings! Just think been playing all day and really nailed a great guitar sound, so make sure you make a note of the settings." Read More »

Lone Phantom

"Overall the Pedal Labels are a great idea that will leave you thinking .Why didn.t I think of that.. For such a low price you can mark your pedals in a neat way, and you won.t have to worry about dealing with the mess that materials such as masking tape can leave behind." Read More »

300 Guitars

"Hank over at Effects bay now has some cool stickers available that adhere to your pedals so you can mark your settings. The part you mark your settings on is white so you can clearly see where each and every knob should set." Read More »

Fuzz Box Girl

"So, have you ever had one of those moments where you saw a product and had thought, "Why didn't I think of that?!" ? Well, that was the case when I took a trip over to Effectsbay one day and saw Hank?s new pedal labels... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!?!?!?" Read More »

Guitar Noize

"Pedal Labels allow you to quickly and easily mark your knob settings for your pedals, using nice labels with low tack adhesive. They won't gunk up your pedals when you remove them like masking tape." Read More »

Guitar Tone Overload

"We've all tried at some stage to keep records of our favorite pedal settings and ended up with either writing directly on the pedals using big markers or using regular labels that would stick on the pedals for ever. has the answer: perfectly calibrated labels with an adhesive that makes them easy to remove and put back on (it works, I have tried)." Read More »

EffectsBay Guest Review

"If you are a frequent tone tinkerer and knob twiddler, these labels can be really useful tools for recording your favorite or most used settings. I am definitely going to keep the labels on my pedals, they are to useful not to." Read More »

Gear Pipe

"Pedal Labels are sold as packs of removable stickers, in various knob configurations, that give guitarists the ability to keep track of their go-to settings. Now, no matter what happens between gigs or during set-up, your tone stays consistent." Read More »